Creation Story

City Magnet, Inc. was founded in February 1993 by Darrell and Gloria Wheeler. With 26 years of advertising sales experience to their credit, the Wheeler’s were confident that it would eventually become a leader in the advertising industry. What started with a small idea and large passion has grown into a solid, customer oriented business. One of the many reasons for the success of City Magnet, Inc. is the principle that has guided the company since the beginning: “We say what we do….we do what we say”
Darrell was fond of saying, he started the company because he was looking for “an honest place to work”. A desire to be the leader in the direct mail magnetic advertising industry and a commitment to being a great place for a salesperson to “make an honest living” has always been a driving force behind City Magnet, Inc. As the times and technology changed over the years, so changed City Magnet, Inc. From the early days of one and two color screen printed magnets to today and full-color digitally printed magnets, City Magnet, Inc. has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. In 2003 City Magnet, Inc. made a major investment in our future when we purchased the equipment to produce our own product in-house. In doing so, we became better able to serve our customers and control all aspects of the manufacturing process while continuing to uphold our own higher quality standards. In 2007 one of City Magnet’s most respected and successful sales representatives, Rodger Corfield purchased the business. With the help of his wife, Paula, he continued on with the principles that the company was built on. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality piece of advertising that their present customers as well as future customers will permanently and prominently display in their homes and view as a useful and handy tool to find much needed services and products.


The Team